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April 8, 2022   
Mr. LIN Zhanxi

Juncao;Juncao science;Juncao technology;


Prof. LIN Zhanxi, inventor of Juncao technology, Chief Scientist and Director of China National Engineering Research Center of Juncao Technology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China.

Prof. LIN Zhanxi has been leading the research of Juncao science, development and extension of JUNCAO Technology/industry. Prof. LIN is also Head of the Chinese Experts Team for Rwanda Agricultural Demonstration Center, and Fiji Juncao Technology Demonstration Center financed by the Chinese government.

Prof. LIN Zhanxi has won numerous awards in grand prizes and honorary titles, such as "The Prize of the State of Geneva and Golden prize in the 20th International exhibition of Inventions of Geneva", "The Prize of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France in the 85th Paris International Invention Exhibition", “China's Top Ten Champions for Poverty Alleviation", "The Most Outstanding Dedicator in Poverty Alleviation with Science & Technology", "The Excellent Scientist", "Silver Award for China Foreign Aid Dedication" by the Ministry of Commerce".