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January 30, 2023   
China's No. 1 Central Document for 2018

No. 1 Central Document;Rural Revitalization Strategy;

On February 5, 2018, China released No.1 Central Document for the year, laying out the direction, approaches, tasks and policies for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and mapping out the top-level plan in the new era from a long-term and holistic perspective.

A long-term perspective. The document sets a timetable for achieving the goals of rural revitalization in three phases. By 2020, important progress will have been made, with an institutional framework and policy system in place. By 2035, decisive progress will have been made, with the basic modernization of agriculture and rural areas achieved. By 2050, China will achieve all-round rural revitalization, featuring robust agriculture, beautiful landscapes and prosperous farmers.

A holistic perspective. The document outlines a raft of measures for promoting economic, political, cultural, social and ecological advancement in a coordinated mananer.

First, improving the quality of agricultural development and fostering new drivers for rural development. Efforts will be made to consolidate the foundation of agricultural production, implement the quality-oriented agricultural development strategy, promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, develop a new pattern of agricultural opening-up and engage small-scale farmers in modern agriculture.

Second, promoting green development in rural areas and ensuring greater harmony between humanity and nature. A holistic approach to mountain, water, forest, farmland and grassland ecosystem conservation and improvement will be adopted, and outstanding environmental issues in rural areas will be tackled comprehensively. Market-oriented and diversified ecological compensation mechanisms will be put in place, and supply of ecological products and services will be increased.

Third, helping rural culture flourish and promoting cultural and ethical progress in rural areas.

Fourth, improving the living standards in rural areas and developing a new, beautiful countryside.The development of rural education will be prioritized. Measures will be taken to encourage the rural workforce to work in non-agricultural sectors, raise farmers’ income, improve the infrastructure in rural areas, advance the rural social security systems, push forward the healthy countryside campaign and continuously improve the living environments in rural areas.

Fifth, carrying out targeted poverty alleviation and heightening the sense of fulfillment among the poor. Targeted relief and aid will be given to people in need. Priority will be given to helping severely impoverished regions shake off poverty, measures will be taken to strengthen poor people’s capacity of self-development, and accountability and supervision over poverty alleviation efforts will be tightened.

Sixth, promoting institutional and mechanism innovation and ramping up institutional supply for rural revitalization. Efforts will be made to consolidate and improve the basic rural operation system, advance the reform of the rural land system, deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system and improve the systems for supporting and protecting agriculture.

Seventh, mobilizing all sectors of society and strengthening human resources support for rural revitalization. Efforts will be made to cultivate new types of farmers, enhance the building of rural specialist teams, give full play to the role of scientific and technical personnel, engage all sectors of society in rural development and introduce new mechanisms for attracting and cultivating highly competent personnel for rural areas.

Eighth, expanding investment and financing channels and providing more financial support for rural revitalization. Government spending for the purpose of rural revitalization will continue to increase, more financing channels will be available, and financial services in rural areas will be further improved.