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November 1, 2023  China Daily  

Beautiful Chrysanthemums Flourish Village Economy

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The blooming mountain chrysanthemums ushered its harvest season in Dawan township, Liupanshui city, Guizhou province. The golden flowers at the local Phoenix chrysanthemum planting base spread across the fields like a huge glaring blanket, adding a touch of harvest color to the beautiful countryside.

The planting base is located at the foot of Jiucaiping Mountain. By leveraging the advantageous plateau climate, chrysanthemums are characterized by plump flowers and natural floral aroma. The breathtaking view of the flowers has also made the base a new tourism attraction for nearby villagers.

Farmers are currently busy picking chrysanthemum flowers at the base, making them traditional Chinese medicines or processing for chrysanthemums tea material.

"I live in a nearby village and earn 80 yuan($10.9) a day to help pick chrysanthemums at the base. It takes about a month to finish all the picking and I am expected to earn 4,000 yuan, more than the previous year's income," said villager Chen Weiju.

The flower base is operated by Phoenix Chrysanthemum Agricultural Development Co, villagers take shares in the land and participate in the dividends, which has driven a total of 5,963 nearby villagers to increase income.

The company makes full use of the medicinal value of chrysanthemum by selling their products in neighboring pharmacies. The turnover of chrysanthemum products is over 3 million yuan annually, and it has become the pillar agriculture economy in the town.

"We will continue to expand the planting area and increase the variety of chrysanthemums, to promote the industrial integration of agriculture and tourism to improve villager incomes," according to Xie Xianfeng, general manager of Guizhou Phoenix chrysanthemum agricultural development Co.


Beautiful Chrysanthemums Flourish Village Economy


Beautiful Chrysanthemums Flourish Village Economy