Foreigner got beaten up in Beijing


"On 10/24 I went into the BlueFrog restaurant in Sanlitun to eat. I was brutally assaulted, spit on at close range, and called multiple racial slurs by many staff all caught as I’m leaving. ALL CAUGHT ON VIDEO ! Since this happened BlueFrogs legal team has done nothing to acknowledge what happened in the video or even apologized. They tried to offer me 5000 rmb, and even had the audacity to invite me to eat at their restaurant for free. This was entirely unprovoked and I don’t know the real reason this happened , but I suspect it’s xenophobia"

“10月24日,我在三里屯的藍蛙西餐廳吃完飯。當我要走的時候,被那里的工作人員狠狠打了一頓,他們朝我吐吐沫,滿嘴歧視人的臟話罵我。過程都錄下來了!這件事發生后,藍蛙法務團隊無動于衷,不承認視頻中發生的事,就連道歉都沒有。他們想給我5000元(人民幣)了事,甚至居然還腆臉請我免費去他們那里吃大餐。簡直莫名其妙,我不知道事情發生的真正原因,但我懷疑他們肯定有仇外心理?!?br />