The figure of an astronaut carved on the Facade of the north entrance of the Cathedral of Salamanca, in Spain, impresses everyone who comes across this unusual representation. The church, built in the Baroque and Gothic styles, was built between 1513 and 1733. What explains the presence of this modern image in such an ancient building? Theories involving ancient astronauts, time travel, and supernatural events abound as attempts to answer the question. The answer is very simple, it is in a renovation that the church underwent in 1992. The “Porta de Ramos”, as the north entrance of the Cathedral is called, was badly damaged due to the action of time. During the restoration work, the sculpture of the astronaut was added by the bricklayer Miguel Romero, under the guidance of the architect Jér?mio García de Qui?ones, responsible for the revitalization. The fact would have obeyed an old tradition, in which restorers usually include some modern element whenever the church undergoes new restoration work.

在西班牙薩拉曼卡大教堂北入口的正面雕刻著一個宇航員的形象,讓每個遇到這個不尋常的雕塑的人都印象深刻。這座教堂建于1513年至1733年間,采用巴洛克和哥特式風格。如何解釋這個現代形象出現在如此古老的建筑中?有關古代宇航員、時間旅行和超自然事件的理論比比皆是,都試圖回答這個問題。答案很簡單,就是在1992年教堂的一次翻修中。被稱為“拉莫斯之門”的大教堂北入口由于時間的作用而嚴重受損。在修復工作中,在負責復興的建筑師Jér?mio García de Qui?ones的指導下,瓦工米格爾·羅梅羅添加了宇航員的雕塑。這是一個古老的傳統,每當教堂進行新的修復工作時,修復者通常會加入一些現代元素。