There are three key ways, all involve water.


An actual bidet. It''s a bit costly as it''s a separate structure in your bathroom. Or some people get the fancy toilets with buttons and stuff that have it included.


The next is more ideal, a pressurized jet spray. Aka, health faucet. Aka, butt hose. It's just a five minute installation connecting it to the water line, then hang it over the side of the back of the toilet. No drilling, virtually no setup.


The third is best if you're in a pinch. Take a measuring cup and fill it about halfway with water. Lean forwards, pour the water slowly down the spout with your right hand, and, as the water hits your butt, use your left to help the water remove the debris/poop.


It may seem gross at first glance, but I promise you it's super effective and you will not have poop on your hand when you finish. You're not scratching the poop off, you're just helping the water remove everything.


Think about when you wash dishes. If you use a dry sponge, a lot will be left on the sponge. If you use a wet sponge with running water, most will flow naturally leaving minimal leftovers on the sponge.

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I think in time you'll grow to prefer it. I certainly have.