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China's Grain Loss in Granaries Essentially Eliminated

Loss of grain stored in China's granaries has been essentially eliminated, with the comprehensive loss rate during the grain storage period controlled within 1%.

PHLM & Food Systems November 29, 2023
Three Stages of Rural E-commerce Development in China

China's rural e-commerce enters new stage of agriculture promotion.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders November 16, 2023
Problems in China's Rural E-commerce and Suggestions for Addressing them

It is recommended that the following measures are taken in order to promote the healthy development of rural e-commerce:

Value Chain Development for Smallholders November 16, 2023
Rural E-commerce Enters New Stage of Agriculture Promotion China's Rural E-commerce Achievements

China's rural e-commerce has been enjoying good momentum in recent years.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders November 16, 2023
Understanding the "Boosting Agriculture Through E-commerce" Project

Boosting agriculture through e-commerce development involves a lot of tasks.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders November 16, 2023
Initiative on Dryland Agriculture

Commitment to promoting dryland agriculture towards a sustainable future.

International Engagement October 26, 2023
Plan for China Supporting Africa's Agricultural Modernization

The plan aims at helping Africa achieve food self-sufficiency and independent sustainable development, promote food production in Africa, effectively boost Africa's ability to safeguard its food security.

International Engagement August 31, 2023
China Unveils Action Plan to Strengthen County-level Commerce System

The Chinese government on Monday publicized a three-year action plan aiming to strengthen the nation's county-level commerce system further.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders September 19, 2023
Beijing Statement for the First High-Level Conference of the Forum on Global Action for Shared Development

All parties discussed global development issues of common interest under the theme of "Global Development Initiative: Echo the Development Agenda and Call for Global Action".

International Engagement August 3, 2023
Organic Dryland Farming Plan for Shanxi Province, China (2021-2025)

This plan maps out the path for dryland farming development in Shanxi province up to 2025.

DRR and Climate Change Resilience July 24, 2023
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