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China's Current Situation and Achievements on Climate Change Adaptation

Solid progress has been made.

DRR & Climate Change Resilience January 12, 2023
Opinions of Gansu Province on Development of Rural E-commerce (Excerpt 1)

In order to facilitating the development of rural e-commerce, government of Gansu issued this document.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders January 11, 2023
A Sketch of China's Digital Countryside Strategy

A brief introduction to China's ongoing Rural Digitization strategy

Innovative Poverty Alleviation Initiative January 4, 2023
China Enhances Cooperation with Developing Countries in Eight Areas

China will carry out practical cooperation with international partners, particularly developing countries, in the eight areas.

International Engagement December 16, 2022
Action Plan 2021-2024 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS Countries

This Action Plan is developed to accelerate and sustain agricultural development for enhanced food security and nutrition.

International Engagement December 12, 2022
Jinan Initiative of the International Conference on Food Loss and Waste

The International Conference on Food Loss and Waste was convened in Jinan, China on 9-11 September 2021 featuring the participation of 150 delegates from 48 countries.

PHLM & Food Systems December 8, 2022
Digital Technology for Rural Value Chain Contributes to Poverty Alleviation

The project focused on developing e-commerce infrastructure, establishing service and logistics systems, fostering specialists and facilitating online market of agriproducts.

Value Chain Development for Smallholders January 4, 2023
Policy Recommendations in Reducing Food Loss and Waste in China

Although China has adopted relatively rigorous standard of total loss rate index value in harvesting machinery product, some factors still affect loss-reduction performance.

PHLM & Food Systems February 7, 2023
China's Policies Pave Way to Rural Digitalization

Poverty alleviation programs lay solid groundwork for rural digitization by providing entrepreneurship training and microcredit loans for poverty alleviation, etc.

Innovative Poverty Alleviation Initiative January 4, 2023
No.1 Central Document in 2021, Rural Vitalisation Stressed

China kicked its agricultural and rural development into high gear in 2020, rounding off the goals set by the 13th Five-Year Plan.

No.1 Central Document July 25, 2022
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