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Statement by the Council of the Heads of State of the SCO on Food Security

Countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) express our deep concern regarding the current unfavourable situation in the sphere of global food security.

PHLM & Food Systems December 2, 2022
Statement by the SCO Heads of State Council on Climate Change Response

SCO states reaffirm our shared determination to promote cooperation in tackling challenges stemming from climate change.

DRR & Climate Change Resilience December 2, 2022
The Samarkand Declaration of the Heads of State Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

New approaches are needed to promote more just and effective international cooperation and sustainable economic development.

International Engagement December 8, 2022
Joint Statement on Deepening Agricultural Cooperation and Ensuring Food Security under?the?Mekong-Lancang Cooperation?Framework

In recent years, the agricultural authorities of our six countries have worked to synergize national agricultural development strategies.

International Engagement December 8, 2022
Plan of Action to Implement the ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity 

This POA will serve as a guiding document to further strengthen ASEAN-China cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

International Engagement December 8, 2022
Joint Statement by MARA, FAO, IFAD and WFP on Implementation of China’s Rural Revitalization Strategy

As a populous country with over 1.3 billion people, China has put forward the rural revitalization strategy.

International Engagement December 8, 2022
China Firmly Committed to South-South Cooperation

Launching?a Food Production Enhancement?Action, to?further?agricultural production and technical cooperation between China and other?developing countries.

International Engagement December 16, 2022
ASEAN-China Joint Statement on Cooperation in Support of the Asean Comprehensive Recovery Framework

Deepen and expand the ASEAN-China Partnership for Eco-friendly Urban Development, engage in cooperation on sustainable and green infrastructure.

International Engagement December 13, 2022
China-CELAC Joint Action Plan for Cooperation in Key Areas (2022-2024)

The Third Ministers'?Meeting of the China - CELAC Forum took place, virtually, on December 3rd, 2021.

International Engagement December 14, 2022
China in Action: Promoting Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Agriculture

Substantial progress is made in sustainable use of biodiversity in agriculture and forestry.

DRR & Climate Change Resilience December 16, 2022
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