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China in Action: Strengthening South-South Cooperation

China has carried out a number of projects and programs to help other developing countries build up their environmental management capacity.

International Engagement December 16, 2022
China in Action: Improving People's Livelihood through Biodiversity

Proactive actions are taken to pursue synergistic progress in biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

Innovative Poverty Alleviation Initiative December 16, 2022
China in Action: Promoting Social Justice through Biodiversity

An eco-compensation mechanism is established to promote balanced development between regions and industries.

DRR & Climate Change Resilience December 16, 2022
Cooperation Between China and Pacific Island Countries

China takes PICs' special?conditions?and concerns on climate change very seriously.

International Engagement December 13, 2022
Food Producers’ Declaration for the United Nations 2021 Food Systems Summit

Reshaping food systems is recognized as an absolute priority on the global agenda.

PHLM & Food Systems December 2, 2022
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

China has advanced the conservation of important agricultural heritage sites

Innovative Poverty Alleviation Initiative November 16, 2022
China Aims High in Agricultural Sci-tech Innovation

The CAAS aims to achieve breakthroughs that can help improve grain yield, self-sufficiency of oil-bearing crops

PHLM & Food Systems November 16, 2022
Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 in the Agriculture Sector in China

MARA published a notice in 2020 to support spring planting on time specifying incentives for farmers

PHLM & Food Systems November 16, 2022
Spring Ploughing Underway Across China to Provide Strong Start on the Way to Securing Bumper Harvests

Currently, spring ploughing is underway in many places across China.

PHLM & Food Systems November 16, 2022
The Evolution of South-South Development Cooperation

South-South cooperation has played an important complementary role in achieving the MDGs

International Engagement November 16, 2022
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