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Pilot Project in Ecuador: Strengthening the Capacity of the Government Entities in Support of Small Farmersand their Access to Different Markets

Ecuador,Government Entities' Capacity,WFP China COE,SSTC

February 17, 2023   WFP China COE

Pilot Project in Kenya: Improving the Transformation Segment of the Food System in Arid and Semi-arid Lands

Kenya,Food System,WFP China COE,SSTC

February 15, 2023   WFP China COE

Pilot Project in Sri Lanka: Strengthening the Resilience and Livelihoods of Vulnerable Smallholder Farmers to Climate-related Risks

Sri Lanka,SSTC,WFP,Resilience and Livelihoods, Climate-related Risks

February 15, 2023   WFP China COE

Improving Rice Value Chain Efficiency in Western Africa

Rice Value Chain Efficiency,Western Africa,WFP China COE

March 15, 2023   WFP China COE

Rice Value Chain Enhancement

Rice,Value Chain,SSTC

April 4, 2023   WFP China COE

Juncao Value Chain Development

Juncao,Value Chain,Juncao Technology,WFP China COE

March 1, 2022   WFP China COE

Cassava Value Chain Development

Cassava,Value Chain,Stem Storage, Weed Control

March 1, 2022   WFP China COE

SIX Steps for SSC engagement with WFP China Centre of Excellence for Rural Transformation

Six Steps,SSTC,WFP China COE,Rural Transformation

April 8, 2022   WFP China COE

South-South Cooperation Dialogue: Supporting the Rice Value Chain through China-Cote d'lvoire Exchanges

SSTC,Rice Value Chain,C?te d'lvoire,Rice,WFP China COE

March 1, 2022   WFP China COE,CERFAM

South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Sustainable Agriculture and Value Chain Development in C?te d'lvoire

SSTC,Sustainable Agriculture,Value Chain Development,C?te d'lvoire

March 15, 2022   WFP China COE

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